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  1. How does TrafficPrivacy work?
    Our special software creates secure tunnel via SSH protocol and all traffic which goes through this tunnel is totally encrypted the way nobody is able to read it. Configured torrent client is already included into the pack, so everything you download through this client will go through secure tunnel and will be downloaded privately. Also we provide you an access to special proxy for the most of world trackers in order not to reveal your IP address in case the tracker is inspected. The tracker will have only our IP address; you stay protected and unidentified.
  2. Is it easy to use TrafficPrivacy software?
    Yes, it is simple. After installation you just have to run TrafficPrivacy and after it creates secure tunnel already configured torrent client will be opened automatically. Use it for private connection. At the same time, you can use your other torrent clients for non private downloads.
  3. Do you keep logs?
    No, we just do not have them. We are not obliged by any law to keep logs and we have disabled logging for all our services. In addition, we disabled the disk caching wherever possible, and regularly run maintenance scripts to delete temporary data and compulsory cache files.
  4. Are there bandwidth limits?
    We do not impose bandwidth limits on any of our servers apart from "fair and reasonable use." In case we indicate that you alone use more than 10-15 percent of all our subscribers total bandwidth on any of our servers, we will send you an e-mail asking you to reduce your bandwidth use or to regulate special terms of our service use. However, it has never happened through the history of our company.
  5. My ISP is now monitoring for people downloading torrents and are terminating the accounts of people downloading torrents. Will your service help against this?
    Yes, it will help. Your ISP won't see you're downloading torrents.
  6. Which software for download can be used to work with TrafficPrivacy software?
    TrafficPrivacy software already includes built-in secure configured tool for downloading and uploading. It is possible to use only built-in solution, which provides you with absolete anonymity during torrent downloading.